The leaves of broccoli and cauliflower are eaten

The leaves of broccoli and cauliflower are eaten

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Hi Walter

Ask a clever and useful question: the leaves of broccoli cabbage are edible, indeed they are also good if you like that bitter taste typical of cabbage, in the leaves it is felt more than in the flower. Not everyone knows that broccoli leaves can be eaten, so they are often thrown away and it is a pity that they are wasted. The same goes for cauliflower leaves.

The leaves are also eaten

Of course, the best part of broccoli is the inflorescence, the leaves are sometimes a bit leathery, especially the very large ones, while the smallest are the best because they are tender. To be pleasant to eat they must be cooked and have many of the beneficial properties of broccoli and are rich in vitamins.

They should not be cooked together with the flower because they have different cooking times and waiting for the leaves to cook would end up making the inflorescence flake off. To cook them they must be sautéed in a pan as is done with herbs or spinach, after obviously washing them. They are dressed with extra virgin olive oil and go well with a little hot pepper or with lemon juice. It is a recovered side dish typical of the peasant tradition of southern Italy. Eventually the broccoli leaves can also be steamed or boiled in water. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also choose to bread and fry them: in batter they are very tasty.

Personally, it almost never happens to me to have many broccoli leaves at the same time, so it is not worth cooking them as a side dish, I prefer to put them in minestrone along with various other seasonal vegetables.

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