What do I think of the manure

What do I think of the manure

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Hello Maurizio and thanks for the nice message. I have never tried to grow peppers in the lawn directly, without digging and I plan to check this interesting idea of ​​yours.

Differences between manure and manure

As for your question on fertilization, you can read the article I wrote onpelleted manure, I tried to highlight its strengths and weaknesses. Certainly it is a very good organic fertilizer, it is complete because it has all the nutrients of manure and is completely organic and natural. It can be particularly useful for those who cultivate an urban vegetable garden and find it difficult to find and store the real manure, so it is easier to have bags of dry and therefore concentrated product. Personally I prefer the use of manure mature, as it has a greater soil conditioner, which improves the structure of the soil. I happen to use manure for interventions during fertilization, while in basic fertilization I think it is better to bring a lot of organic substance (therefore using humus, manure or compost). Obviously, I never use chemical fertilizers that in the long run I consider to be ineffective, as well as harmful, not very ecological and expensive.

Finally, a piece of advice: in my opinion the best fertilizer in the world isearthworm humus, if you have the possibility to get it or even better to do earthworm you will see that it is worth it.

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